Do you already know the further tools for successful multichannel business by foryouandyourcustomers?

Expand the lecture of the Multichannel Guidelines with ChannelOPERA, ChannelCARDS and ChannelOVERVIEW. You will be surprised, you fast and simple you can improve your multichannel business.


The ChannelCARDS represent the variety of touch points between supplier and customer. Form and imagery of the card set give users the opportunity to playfully experience the complicated interaction process. By doing so, the cards help understanding the channel variety. ChannelCARDS can meaningfully be used in workshops and strategy retreats, but can also be applied by a single person.

Lern more about the ChannelCARDS and order the card set in English or German for 19 EUR per set.

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In a surprisingly simple and effective way, the ChannelOPERA helps to create awareness for the customer behaviour, to identify courses of action in the individual channels for marketing, communications and service, and to develop a solution approach. With the tool, managers and employees, but also customers and partners jointly create realistic customer journeys and recognise improvement potentials. The ChannelOPERA suits for workshops with five to 150 people.

Use the ChannelOPERA for the analysis and optimisation of the customer journeys of your customers.

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ChannelOVERVIEW presents an overview of 129 different touchpoints a company can use to communicate and interact with its customers. The different channels get explorable and help in getting an overview of the touchpoints a company uses. The awareness for existing touchpoints leads to improvement potentials and visions. ChannelOVERVIEW can be used in workshops, in creating a common understanding of multichannel business and in developing multichannel strategies.

Get an overview of the channel variety by using ChannelOVERVIEW.

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