The Multichannel Guidelines are more than just a book

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The 2015 Multichannel Guidelines

  • Multichannel business models have been around for a long time, but it's only in the last few years that they have begun to be regarded as a challenge that is crucial to a company's success. The multichannel concept has acquired many names – crosschannel, omnichannel, and several others – but it always comes down to the same question.
  • "How can a company consistently inform, communicate, sell, service, and encourage long-term enthusiasm in its customers using all contemporary and future channels?"

Welcome to Multichannel Reality (Chapter 1)

  • What can companies learn about multichannel business from the past?
  • What opportunities and risks arise for new and established companies?
  • How did the concept of multichannel business – the diversity of channels, products, and business models – originate?

The Model Used for Multichannel Business (Chapter 2)

  • Which elements of multichannel business are essential, and which are important?
  • How are exciting, cross-channel shopping experiences created?
  • What are the benefits of the multichannel model and how is it used?

Why do Customers Buy and How do They Remain Interested in the Long Term? (Chapter 3)

  • How does a company learn to address its customers individually, maintain the dialogue and anticipate the customer's expectations?
  • What is the purchasing process today like?
  • How does the customer make purchasing decisions? Why does the customer buy or not buy?

What Role does Product Information Play in your Multichannel Business? (Chapter 4)

  • Why does a company need a digital counterpart for their physical products?
  • What channels need a "digital product" and what significance does this have for the company's success?
  • How much does production of a "digital product" cost in comparison to the physical product?

How does Having an Overview of Channels lead to a Better Multichannel Business? (Chapter 5)

  • Do I have a plan for the development of current and future channels?
  • What does my multichannel roadmap look like?
  • Is there a periodic review of multichannel activities? Is there a channel catalogue in place and is it updated regularly?

Which Systems can Support your Multichannel Business? (Chapter 6)

  • Am I using a current system catalogue as an overview for our multichannel strategy?
  • Which system disciplines are relevant to my multichannel business and why?
  • Which phase of the life cycle do the different software systems belong to?