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How does Having an Overview of Channels lead to a Better Multichannel Business? (Chapter 5)

  • Do I have a plan for the development of current and future channels?
  • What does my multichannel roadmap look like?
  • Is there a periodic review of multichannel activities? Is there a channel catalogue in place and is it updated regularly?
  • Am I aware of the range and number of channels that my company is using today?
  • Is there a “job profile” for each channel? What is each channel’s role in the multichannel context?
  • Who is responsible for what channel, how much does each channel cost, and what benefits does it bring?
  • How and at what stage in the purchasing process (awareness, evaluation, purchase, use, including service and recommendation, customer loyalty) does the customer use the channels?
  • What channels does my company use as impulse, sales, or service channels?
  • What channels do I use for monologues with the customer? And what channels do I use for dialogue?

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