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Which Systems can Support your Multichannel Business? (Chapter 6)

  • Am I using a current system catalogue as an overview for our multichannel strategy?
  • Which system disciplines are relevant to my multichannel business and why?
  • Which phase of the life cycle do the different software systems belong to? Which system disciplines do we use standard software for? And which ones do we use customised solutions for? What challenges does each system pose?
  • How well integrated are the systems? Is it clear who has ownership over which data and processes?
  • Which systems require product data, and which system is this product data obtained from? Where is the master data? Who is involved in refining the product data? Which systems should they use?
  • How many systems are used for maintaining customer data today? Where is the master data located? Is the customer data that was generated in the channels fed back into a central CRM system? Which systems require customer data to enable better service or an individualised dialogue?
  • Is the product and customer data easily accessible by people and systems, e.g. via an API?

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